Dredge Tooth

Andes Mining is constantly improving and expanding the latest tooth systems. It provides a wide range of tooth systems for any application in dredging. Whether it is for a cutter head, cutting wheel, drag head or for sand, clay or rock, we have the solution for any size dredger. All tooth systems are specially designed for dredge.

Andes Mining cutter head teeth can be used with all soil varieties, ranging from easy flowing sand and silt to stiff clay types and hard-packed sand They are especially effective in light and heavy-duty rock applications. To efficiently and cost effectively deploy Andes Mining cutter head teeth has wide range of optional parts and peripherals These vary from several types of cutting equipment (flared or narrow chisels and pick points) to knock-off blocks on the contour ring, and from stone gratings and grizzly bars to all sorts of wear protection on the cutter head body.

ANDES Mining ensure that its equipment seamlessly first into your process, capable of extracting maximum value within your mineral processing. We optimized applications and processes lead to increased efficiencies, which resulting in reduced overheads, increased optime and increased production rates.

Andes Mining cutter head teeth are available in two types of applications.
  • Formedium to hard soils:  such as hard-packed sand or hard rock, the cutter head with shank adapters is preferred. This is available for 7,400kW up to 7,000kW.
  • For soft and medium hard soils: up to packed sand, the Andes Mining cutter head teeth with wing adapters is preferred. This is available in a range fit from 375kW up to 8,000kW.

Both variants use the same design of Andes Mining cutter head teeth as pick points, and narrow or flared chisels.

  • Various types of teeth like wide chisel,narrow chisel and pick points.
  • Various types of adapters like ACR adapter, adapter weld on nose and adapter leg Wide chiselsare used for peat, sand and soft clay.

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